No More Unlocking Cell Phones :-(

CHARLOTTE, NC- If you’re caught unlocking your cell phone, you could face a big fine and even jail time.

The law’s been around for 15 years. Last year, the Library of Congress ruled unlocking a phone without the carriers permission violates copyright law.The ruling took effect Saturday.




CDC Using Dell Axim x50/x51 For Malaria Control Project in Zambia

One of Dell’s greatest PDA / Pocket PC, the Axim x51 was discontinued in 2007.  However, the Center for Disease Control uses these gadgets for their Malaria research, cure, and prevention efforts and other projects worldwide.  We can do the world a great favor by improving older gadgets to serve today’s needs, rather than manufacturing new ones every week and contributing to disease and ruining OUR environment.


Mulamatila HH Interview 1

CDC personnel in Zambia, sitting in Mulamatila village conducting an interview using a Dell Axim x51


Treating Malaria & Anemia in Luampa village, Zambia

CDC personnel in Luampa village in Zambia using a Dell Axim x51. While there, they test the children for malaria and anemia and then treat them on the spot if they have problems.

Great Uses For Discontinued Pocket PC


Here’s a good article about how Dolphin Quest uses Pocket PC software to get in touch with their customers!  Just because a piece of technology was discontinued by the manufacturer, it doesn’t mean that it can’t serve a purpose today, and save businesses and individuals hundreds of dollars.

If you would like to try a Dell Axim X5 Pocket PC, go to our website and take advantage of our no questions asked 30 day money-back guarantee!  Order it, try it, if it’s not for you just return it and get your money back!

Dolphin Quest Uses Pocket PC Software to Get in Touch with Customers

Abandoned But Not Forgotten! PSION Netbook Pro anyone?

Read this review about a great mini laptop that should have been improved instead of abandoned; the Psion Netbook Pro will have a few available after Thanksgiving (10 to 15), and up to 50 more if there is a demand!  Used, tested, and great condition!

Incredibly FAST for an old mini laptop running Windows CE .NET!

You can contact me with any questions.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Sell Any Used Mobile Device! 1 or 1000!

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Struggling To Get Rid Of Your Used Mobile Devices?

Companies upgrade their equipment (Handheld PCs, Pocket PCs, Tablet PCs, POS devices, etc…) all the time due to technology upgrades, budget cuts, business closing, and many other reasons.

Where can these companies go to get rid of their old devices?

eBay?  Sure, but how much time is it going to cost to have someone go through each device, find out what’s wrong with it, test it, count the accessories, take pictures, list on eBay, keep up with questions from buyers, process the order, and ship the item?  And, that’s IF the company has an eBay account!  Phew!

We have an easier solution for these companies…  Sell all your used mobile devices in one place, to a company that has been doing business for close to 25 years!  No hassle.  No deceptions.  No cost.  Deal with honest and friendly people at Inc, a small business in Southeast Iowa.


The Amazing, Still Depended On By Thousands – The Hewlett Packard 200LX

Here’s a wikipedia history of what is still considered “the most reliable handheld computer ever made” by users – the HP 200LX Palmtop.  The AA battery life stated is not accurate, as we know that two AA batteries can last weeks on this machine.

It’s amazing that after after 16 years, this piece of technology is still preferred by its users over any current device!  WHY is the question.  In the near future, we will post answers from long-time users of the HP 200LX Palmtop.  If you’ve used this device, please leave a comment, sharing with us what you find so useful about it.

Before Inc became its own company in August 2011, it was a department of Thaddeus Computing, Inc.  Thaddeus Computing was the publisher of The Palmtop Paper, which was a magazine dedicated to users of the HP Palmtops (95lx, 100lx, 200lx, 1000cx).  Through, we still buy and sell, as well as repair the HP 200LX Palmtops!  Customers have been with us for close to 20 years now, and they’re still as devoted to this beloved piece of technology!  AMAZING!